В случае отсутствия какого-либо составляющего букета,

будет произведена замена элемента на аналогичный,

равный по стоимости и не меняющий общего вида букета

(сохраняя стоимость и общий вид )

Flowers in a box

98.00 byn
110.00 byn
148.20 byn
184.60 byn
215.80 byn
56.00 byn
165.00 byn
165.00 byn
52.00 byn
128.00 byn
165.00 byn
95.00 byn
179.40 byn
125.00 byn
75.00 byn
215.80 byn
224.90 byn
195.00 byn
56.00 byn
120.00 byn
145.00 byn
85.00 byn
117.00 byn
53.00 byn
145.00 byn
179.40 byn
230.00 byn
92.00 byn
135.00 byn
234.00 byn
74.00 byn
137.80 byn
70.00 byn
140.40 byn
140.00 byn
143.00 byn
64.00 byn
197.60 byn
47.00 byn
61.00 byn

Flowers in a box are a modern version of presenting a delightful composition of flowers. A fashion trend for such a present has recently appeared and won the love of buyers. The flowers in the box are unusual, beautiful, stylish. Such a bouquet does not require a vase to accommodate and care is kept to a minimum.

Hat and wine boxes, folders and wooden boxes are used to create compositions. Flowers are combined with sweets, toys and other cute little things. Bouquets can be compact, large and huge. Customer can choose the finished composition, order a replay from the catalog or make an exclusive version.

The bouquet in the box is a great gift for any occasion. Such a gift looks great and is suitable for any celebration. The design can reflect the feelings of the giver or become an exquisite gratitude. An elegant present will give a wonderful mood and will be remembered for a long time.