В случае отсутствия какого-либо составляющего букета,

будет произведена замена элемента на аналогичный,

равный по стоимости и не меняющий общего вида букета

(сохраняя стоимость и общий вид )

Flowers with sweets

79.00 byn
124.80 byn
156.00 byn
218.40 byn
46.00 byn
70.00 byn
52.00 byn
117.00 byn
85.00 byn
195.00 byn
123.50 byn
80.00 byn
92.00 byn

The original gift in the form of a bouquet of sweets and flowers will give a lot of positive emotions and leave unforgettable impressions. Sweets and flowers have always been considered a classic version of the present. The modern interpretation of the two components creates exquisite bouquets. The compositions may be performed in a completely unexpected manner. 

For different cases, bouquets with various flowers, sweets and chocolate are made. Candy and flower bouquets can be decorated in baskets, vases, boxes or have the appearance of a classic ensemble. Such a gift is great for a teacher, colleague, beloved person or business partner.

For creation a floral masterpiece are used fresh plants and sweets. Taking into account case, design must be not just appropriate, but memorable. The floral composition with sweets suits not only women, for men such a bouquet, made in restrained and concise tones, will be an ideal compliment.

For corporate customers, bouquets with symbols, logos and in the company colors used are made. Such presents increase the importance of the company and emphasize individuality.