В случае отсутствия какого-либо составляющего букета,

будет произведена замена элемента на аналогичный,

равный по стоимости и не меняющий общего вида букета

(сохраняя стоимость и общий вид )

Wedding decoration

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The holiday is usually prepared in a certain style, while the unity of all elements is observed. It is important to take into account the nuances of the event. This is necessary for the selection of floral compositions that will preserve the freshness and elasticity of the petals until the end of the celebration. Personal preferences also play an important role. Experienced florists will be sure to ask at a preliminary meeting if the groom and bride have allergic reactions to certain plants.

Bouquet of bride and groom boutonniere

These are the central elements that appear in all the photographs. The compositions are performed in any style, from the classic version to the original flower handbag. The main criteria will be personal wishes and compliance with the style of holiday outfits.

For the celebration may be useful:

  • baskets with petals;
  • a spare version of the bride's bouquet;
  • room design for newlyweds.

Decorating a car for a wedding

Luxurious floral garlands with decorative addition are most interesting solution. Experienced florists will not just pick up the necessary format for decoration, but will create a unique composition that emphasizes the uniqueness of the new couple.

Table Decoration

The most important moment is the decoration of a place for the newlyweds. It should emphasize the importance of the moment, but not separate from the rest of the guests. Decorative garland is considered to be best choice. Small compositions that do not obscure the interlocutor are perfectly suitable for guest tables.