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Flowers to the teacher is a sign of respect and appreciation. With flowers you can say "thank you" to teachers on the first day of the school year, on teacher's day, March 8 and February 23, as well as on Birthday and New Year. Choosing a gift you must follow several principles dictated by etiquette standards:

  • color of buds should not bear romantic connotation such as cream, yellow, lilac, orange and blue. White and red flowers can be added to the bouquet, but not make up a one-tone composition;
  • the older the teacher, the more saturated the color of the plants should be. It can be diluted with light buds;
  • lowers with smooth lines are chosen for women and tall flowers with clear lines - for men;
  • a personal bouquet should not exceed 25 inflorescences. The composition from several people should be luxurious and include many buds and greens;
  • use elegant decoration if there are just several flowers.

The correct combination of plants and concise design play an important role. An experienced florist who knows all the subtleties of compiling bouquets for teachers will cope with this.

The status and importance of the teacher will be emphasized by original bouquets and compositions. With the help of flowers, you can wish happiness and a good mood by presenting a bouquet of a bright flower mix.