In the absence of a composite bouquet, the element will be replaced with a similar one, equal in value and do not change the general appearance of the bouquet (value and general appearance are preserved).

For mom (for Mother's day)

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Mother's Day is a relatively new holiday, and it is a great occasion to demonstrate to your mother love and care.

For Mother's Day you can choose a traditional bouquet of 3, 5, 7 and 9 roses. Red roses are classics of all time, they are given to women at an honorable age. White, cream, peach and tender pink buds symbolize tenderness and devotion. Bright green twigs of gypsophile will help to refresh the composition and remind of spring.

Chamomile is appropriate if the gift giver is a small child. Combined compositions of daisies and alstroemerias, bokardi and filigreens, bouquets "Beloved Mother," "Pleasant Gift," "Clean Heart" are also suitable. Adolescents can present a mono bouquet of chrysanthemums, gerberas or lilies, or mixed compositions.

A combination of warm and cold shades as in “Sea Breeze” or “Laura Valley” is relevant today. It is also necessary to take into account the home environment and mother’s personal preferences. If the interior is decorated in dark tones, you need to dwell on warm shades (yellow, orange, peach). In a bright room, burgundy, purple, red or mottled flowers are appropriate; otherwise they will merge with the environment.

Mother's Day is a warm home holiday, and it is better to abandon the solemn options. Instead, present the original composition of multi-colored buds, which will raise the mood and demonstrate gratitude to your mother.