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A business bouquet is a composition of flowers and plants collected according to certain rules. The strict nature of the bouquet should express the relations of the giver, correspond to the situation and emphasize the business situation. Stylish but strict floral compositions will demonstrate respect for the recipient, and emphasize the status of the giver.

As a rule, such compositions have a strict shape and have a concise color scheme. Such bouquets are given colleagues and business partners of both sexes, without an emphasis on sex.

Expensive premium flowers are chosen for the composition and a minimum addition of green decor is used. The business bouquet should be elegant, restrained, concise, without romantic decorative elements.

Flowers included in the composition should harmonize with each other, making up an elegant tandem without a romantic raid. Packaging should not stand out and create an accent. Most often a matte or transparent natural material is used without gloss. Baskets, boxes and glass containers can be used for the compositions. For, Bright packaging of red or gold can be used in Christmas present, New Year present or on the occasion of the anniversary.