In the absence of a composite bouquet, the element will be replaced with a similar one, equal in value and do not change the general appearance of the bouquet (value and general appearance are preserved).


Who are flowers for

Of course, the brightest and most popular representative of floral compositions is the rose, queen of flowers. The diversity of varieties, shades and exquisite flavors leave no one indifferent.

Scarlet roses are considered to be the most beautiful. They will fit any celebration and create a mood. Compositions of scarlet roses will never lose their relevance. Pink shades symbolize sympathy, a sense of admiration, love. The yellow rose has the most positive meaning. It expresses admiration, recognition and respect. They are often presented at the celebrations as congratulations. Snow-white buds express sincere tenderness, purity, perfect for a bouquet of brides.

Creating unique compositions from roses, our florists try not to limit themselves to only one variety of plants. Fresias, irises, lilies and other flowers are added. Often there is a play on the contrast of shades, combination of white and colorfully bright tones.