В случае отсутствия какого-либо составляющего букета,

будет произведена замена элемента на аналогичный,

равный по стоимости и не меняющий общего вида букета

(сохраняя стоимость и общий вид )

Premium bouquets

Who are flowers for
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The premium bouquet is a stylish and original gift instead of a million words. There are a lot of reasons for the presentation, starting from Valentine’s Day and ending with the anniversary of the wedding. Such a gift is appropriate on behalf of the team at official events at work. He expressed recognition and respect for the leadership. Classic bouquets of red roses are appropriate for official presentation.

At the wedding, such a gift will make the newlyweds happy and emphasize the importance of the celebration. On the day of marriage gentle pastel tones are appropriate. Bouquets "Beauty", "Monica", "Flirt", "Isle of Love" will be suitable for this event.

Premium bouquet is a great addition to offering your hand and heart. With this you will surprise your beloved and demonstrate tender and touching feelings. The compositions "For the Sweet", "Charm", "Feelings", "Sincerity" move the beloved to tears.

In any case, you need to take into account the preferences of the recipient. Someone likes roses, someone is delighted with the mixed compositions. Prudes like the buds of pastel shades. And temperamental ladies like bright compositions.