В случае отсутствия какого-либо составляющего букета,

будет произведена замена элемента на аналогичный,

равный по стоимости и не меняющий общего вида букета

(сохраняя стоимость и общий вид )

Bouquet of Tulips

Classic bright red tulips are great not only for a date, but also for any solemn occasion. They are often decorated with halls during banquets, weddings and even business negotiations.

Rich orange compositions are usually presented to their colleagues, superiors. The purity and freshness of white tulips expresses admiration, symbolizes youth and beauty. Yellow tulips are not messengers of separation. Bright yellow bouquets will mean the richness, happiness and sincere intentions of the giver. Dark purple buds symbolize nobility, aristocracy.

Our florists will be glad to help you to make a unique composition that can express all your feelings for the addressee. At your request, the bouquet can be supplemented with toys, sweets, multicolored ribbons.