Bouquet of Roses

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We compose bouquets of roses of different varieties and colors:

  • Scarlet roses are exclusively for lovers. They symbolize unbridled passion and flaming feelings. Suitable for the first date and for a long relationship.
  • Dark burgundy shades are the same passion, but already more mature. Suitable for representatives who know the price, and for official events.
  • White color will show pristine purity, sincerity of feelings. Therefore, a bouquet of white flowers is often present in the bride’s hands.
  • Yellow and orange colors are the personification of mental warmth, serene joy. The perfect gift for a celebration to colleagues, close friends.

Creating unique bouquets, our florists try not to be limited to only one kind of flowers. Fresias, irises, lilies, etc., are added to the composition. We often play on the contrast of colors, combining white and colorfully bright shades.

In addition to traditional classic bouquets of roses, our online store will create exclusive, unique, beautiful compositions for you.