In the absence of a composite bouquet, the element will be replaced with a similar one, equal in value and do not change the general appearance of the bouquet (value and general appearance are preserved).

Bouquet of Gerberas

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53.00 byn
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180.00 byn

Gerbera is a very persistent flower. Even in the absence of water, they retain their attractive appearance for a long time. Gerbera is considered a symbol of purity and innocence. It is so charismatic that it may well become the basis of any bouquet. In combination with other flowers, a unique composition is born, filled with meaning and able to convey the whole range of feelings.

The bouquet with Gerberas will be an excellent gift for modest confessions and luxurious celebrations. In order to surprise and delight your relatives, friends and colleagues, florists of our online store in addition to traditional classic bouquets will create exclusive combinations for you.