51 Roses

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A luxurious bouquet is sometimes a better gift than sweets, jewelry or other things. A chic composition of 51 roses will become an excellent present, surprise and please guest of honor.

Occasion for present

Unlike ordinary bouquets, 51 roses are presented in special cases. It's an anniversary, a maternity leave, a wedding. The composition will also help reconcile with your beloved, emphasize the strength of feelings and the significance of your beloved woman. You can please the future spouse with a magnificent bouquet, combining the presentation of the present with the offer of a hand and heart.


Choosing flowers consider the recipient's status, personal preferences and occasion. The most popular colors are:

  • Red - demonstrates passion and fullness of feelings.
  • Pink - identifies affection and romantic feelings.
  • White is a symbol of innocence, tenderness, sincerity.
  • Yellow - symbolizes respect, friendship, mutual understanding.
  • Orange - charges with positive, symbolizes joy and natural energy.
  • Cream - buds radiate tenderness and charm.
  • Green is a non-standard gift for a creative and extraordinary person.

The composition of 51 roses is a stylish and original corporate gift. Live buds create a festive atmosphere in the office and decorate the room. Such a luxurious gift is appropriate for presentation to the manager for the birthday, or when the company celebrates an important date for the company.