101 Roses

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101 roses are a worthy alternative to an expensive gift, and they present a bouquet in especially solemn cases. The present emphasizes the seriousness of intentions, because the composition is quite expensive, and random people are not given it. Such a wide gesture is appropriate for the anniversary, birthday of a mother or beloved woman, wedding anniversary, birth of a child.

Also 101 roses are presented to women in leadership positions. But they present the gift on behalf of the team. The reason should also be serious - the birthday of the boss, or an important event for the company (signing a profitable contract, the anniversary of the foundation).

What roses choose for a gift?

Floristic salons offer the "queen of flowers" in a variety of colors. Florists recommend to pay attention to the color of buds:

  • White - identifies purity and innocence, the ideal option for the bride.
  • Cream is a symbol of respect and friendship.
  • Red is a symbol of passion and eternal love.
  • Pink is a classic way to demonstrate romantic feelings.
  • Yellow - suitable for a colleague or boss as a sign of friendship and respect.
  • Blue and green are extraordinary shades, appropriate for creative personalities.

Any woman will be happy to receive a luxurious gift in the form of a chic bouquet of 101 roses. This is a real combination of luxury and elegance. The composition can be diluted with decor elements or other plants.