In the absence of a composite bouquet, the element will be replaced with a similar one, equal in value and do not change the general appearance of the bouquet (value and general appearance are preserved).


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Contact us for a price
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85.00 byn
140.00 byn
53.00 byn
35.00 byn
41.00 byn
47.00 byn
70.00 byn
74.00 byn
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54.00 byn
55.00 byn
52.00 byn
50.00 byn
51.00 byn
26.00 byn
110.00 byn
71.00 byn

Such a gesture of attention will help to express the full depth of your feelings for your loved one, emphasize respect for your boss or simply raise your mood. For buying an unusual bouquet it is not necessary to visit the store - just call or order on the site.

Roses, tulips, chrysanthemums, orchids - we work with an assortment of flowers from all over the world. Our florists create real masterpieces of floral compositions. As an original addition, you can choose a toy, sweets, postcard, design options and combinations.

Would you like to order flowers with delivery? Just choose any composition you like, add to the cart and specify the delivery method. After checkout our operators will contact you to clarify the details of the purchase.